Raider Nation Invades 75th Annual Elk's Rodeo Parade

Congress Members Join The Santa Maria Black Hole Chapter & Santa Maria Dodge Chrysler Blacked Out Santa Maria for the 75th Elks Rodeo Weekend. The TBH Santa Maria Chapter - Presents TBH SuperFan Meet & Greet Extravaganza Elks Parade & Street Fair.

In 1995, a group of hard-core Raiders fans had an idea – create a fan group clad in black that would eventually encompass all of Raider Nation. So in 1996, they purchased seats together in the end zone to create a section of the stadium where fans would stand, cheer, intimidate opposing teams and epitomize what it means to be a Raiders fan. Since that day, The Black Hole has represented the die-hard Raiders fans, the ones committed to their team win, lose or draw.

The Black Hole unites Raiders fans worldwide. It is a family that represents the pride, tradition, and commitment of the Oakland Raiders, which is what truly makes The Black Hole Football’s Most Notorious Fans.

The Black Hole is much more than Section 105 in Coliseum; it is wherever you, the passionate Raiders fan, lives and breathes Silver and Black. The Black Hole is a state of mind.

Positive fanaticism at it’s best, The Black Hole aims to reach out and join forces with all who bleed Silver and Black. With chapters both in the U.S. and abroad, The Black Hole promotes team spirit, community outreach, civic pride, and the ultimate family of fans.

Join us, as together we unite as ONE NATION.



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