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When Football "Wuzz" Football Hoodie
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These are the best quality jackets I've ever seen!  The leather detail is unbelievable.  As I live in Canada, I consider myself a bit of a coat connoisseur, lol.

Neil Sanderson - Three Days Grace

I absolutely love my Jacket. It is truly made to perfection.

Grant Bullock

It was a thrill and an honor to receive the Packers jacket with Marvin Fleming’s autograph within. This keepsake will be passed on someday to another loyal fan my Granddaughter.

Judith Holmes

Great quality jackets. I wear my  Raider one & get numerous compliments.

Stan Elias

Some close friends of ours liked our jackets so much that they also purchased two jackets.  If you are looking for a great team jacket, this is the place!!

Patricia Mejia

One of my favorite jackets to wear! Great quality for the price. Feels as good as it fits me. I will be buying more jackets as presents for my good friends.

Pat Phinny

Retired Players Congress

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