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New Coastal, the Premiere Source for CBD Products Promoting Health, Becomes Official Wellness Provider to Retired NFL Players Congress

New Coastal’s deal with the Retired NFL Players Congress covers 20,000+ retired professional athletes and includes multi-faceted marketing and cross-promotion campaigns


[COSTA MESA, CA, December 2019] New Coastal, the leading source for full-spectrum CBD-infused health and beauty products designed to ease suffering, promote well-being and combat the worldwide opioid crisis, has been named Official Wellness Provider of the Retired NFL Players Congress.


The historic and unprecedented partnership will benefit the more than 20,000 retired NFL athletes in the organization.  With studies showing that CBD can help with pre and post-concussion symptoms, as well as PTSD, the partnership is a natural fit.  The two organizations are dedicated to continued research in hopes of finding better, natural, solutions for veterans of the gridiron and veterans of our armed forces.


Ron Brown, the co-founder of New Coastal, was instrumental in the deal. An Olympic gold medalist and All-Pro NFL football player with over 20 years of business experience, Mr. Brown has a passion for causes aimed at treating PTSD and concussion syndromes. It’s also apparent that he still values good teamwork.


“The Congress chose to work with New Coastal because they’re putting together a team that can really make a difference,” Mr. Brown said. “I love that New Coastal’s products are extremely high-quality and that they’re backed by unique CBD DNA scientific testing.”


When you combine the proprietary formulas we’ve made with the help of the geneticists at Endocanna Health, with the doctors we’re working with, like Dr. Patterson from Casa Colina and Dr. Martin at Loma Linda, I think it puts us in the position to offer the highest quality products out there both now and in the future.  We’ll continue to do more research, but I think we have a team that is pro bowl caliber.”


For more information on New Coastal’s mission, products and CBD DNA testing, visit




About New Coastal: Founded in 2018, New Coastal is committed to providing premium CBD products that promote a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. By offering best-in-class CBD-infused products for a fair and affordable price, Coastal is on a mission to ease pain and suffering, improve quality of life and help tackle the worldwide opioid crisis.


About Retired NFL Players Congress: The Retired NFL Players Congress is an independent business entity that supports retired NFL players and their families by creating business partnerships and community initiatives.



The Retired Players Congress is pleased to announce a new business partnership with Gateway Financial Advisors. This partnership provides free hands-on assistance to retired players who want to help structuring the best financial options for them and their families. In addition to the usual range of financial services, Gateway is offering opportunities for retired players to enter the financial services industry as owners, advisors, brokers, and representatives. Gateway Financial Advisors is a nation-wide, full-service financial marketing organization.

This unique business arrangement furthers the Retired Players Congress mission of creating income-producing opportunities for players that will augment their pensions and enhance their post-career financial opportunities. Gateway Financial Advisors, founded in 2000, is a privately owned company based in California. They offer a full range of services, including financial planning, investment advice, asset management, insurance, and employee benefits through nationally recognized companies and agencies. They customize financial strategies that help players maximize their wealth, protect their assets, and plan for the future.

RPC Chairman, Bob Grant, stated: “I’m not interested in working with anyone looking to take advantage of our players. We have fought long and hard to get where we are today. As former players we know that we are financial targets. Everyone is looking to sell us ‘something.’ At the Congress, our goal is to connect players with companies that recognize players are not individual piggy banks to be exploited. Former players like everyone else are looking for opportunities that add financial value for them and their loved ones.”

Shane Westhoelter, the founder and CEO of Gateway Financial Advisors, remarked: “I have spent a lifetime working to build a reputable financial services company. I know first-hand the challenges of building and maintaining financial stability - both individually and as a company owner. We have a team of outstanding professionals at Gateway. As a lifelong sports fan, businessman, and family man, I am honored to work with the Retired Players Congress and the community of retired players to help them achieve financial independence.”

About the Retired Players Congress.

The Retired Players Congress is the official business consortium of retired NFL players and their families. RPC’s primary mission is to create income-producing opportunities in the private sector for the entire 20,000 plus member retired NFL player community. The Congress identifies, develops, and provides entrepreneurial and other income-producing opportunities in technology, finance, real estate, apparel and other private sector industries for its members. The Congress is an independently controlled and managed organization comprised solely of former NFL players and affiliates. Contact: for more information.

About Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc.

Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc. was formed in January 2000. Prior to that Gateway operated as Shane Westhoelter and Associates Insurance Agency, formed in 1988. Today we’re a national full-service

financial marketing organization of high-level financial professionals interested in owning and operating their own business and office location. Gateway is committed to providing industry-best service, a superior portfolio of products, and unmatched expertise. Our Mission and protecting your wealth. Contact: and

Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc. is a paid sponsor of the Retired Players Congress.



Pioneer Player Check & Jacket Presented to 92-year-old NFL Great, Fred “Curly” Morrison 

The Retired Players Congress’ Pioneer Fund, is one of the special programs that we have set up to recognize and help our Players Congress members once they reach 90 years of age. The average number of these surviving players generally stands at about 75 men each year.

Please take a moment to see the pictures and video clip of our latest delivery, below, of a check and official Players Congress jacket to Fred “Curly” Morrison. 


Former Chicago Bear and Cleveland Brown, “Curly” Morrison, was a Rose Bowl MVP for Ohio State, the first color commentator for the NFL, founder of the Pebble Beach Legends Golf Tournament, and the fullback for the Browns in the years between Marion Motley and Jim Brown. “Curly” was also a member of the group that facilitated the sale of the Cleveland Browns to the legendary Art Modell. He has spent a lifetime quietly helping retired players who found themselves in need of a little helping hand ($$$) from time to time as well as assisting children and military veterans who were in need.


Thank you “Curly” for your wonderful contributions to the game and those in need. The Retired Players Congress staff and members are glad that we were able to congratulate on your 92nd year and are glad that we are now able to give you a little back in recognition of your work and life.


Enjoy the pictures and a short video.



Players Congress Opens Discussion With Los Angeles Police Dept.

The Retired NFL Players Congress' Elders Council recently met with Los Angeles Police Department Representatives to begin work on guidelines and protocol to help citizens and police officers reduce conflicts and unnecessary confrontations via a six-point program during engagements.


The Players Congress will also be reaching out to other police departments around the country in the coming months.


Pictured (left to right) Woody Campbell, Harold Jackson, Bob Johnson Esq., Marvin Cobb, Capt. Cory Palka, Bob Grant, Anthony Davis, Joe Sweet, and Ron Brown.

Most Sincerely,


The Retired NFL Players Congress- Board of Directors

Retired NFL Players Congress