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Our Partners

Patrick Netter’s epiphany was to realize that groups of people were being excluded from life-extending exercise and there is a way to include them if the solution is light, safe, portable and cost effective.

With Co-Founder Joanna Medin, they have spent more than 3 years building the unique miniTREAD® equipment. This has been cleverly and simply engineered with stellar reception during market testing.  Initial clinical research shows it works effectively with virtually the same benefits as a traditional treadmill workout at a gym.


Kauai Farmacy is now home to over 80 varieties of organic, healing plants, food orchards, a team of extraordinary herbalists and gardeners, a closed-loop vermiculture feeding system (worm compost farm), honey bees, butterflies and other pollinators, wild fowl, environmentally-compatible farming (water-catchments, permaculture guilds and more) and medicine-making systems (solar-dehydrators, low temperature herb-curing, herbal teas, tinctures, hydrosols, salves, honey, capsules and more). Everything is done by hand including brewing our own home-made fertilizers from the plants we grow. We seed, propagate, plant, hand-harvest, artisanally-craft and package all the herbal products we grow right on the farm. The fresh and pure nature of the herbs ensures high quality, potent, consistent and effective plant medicine straight from the source.


Your Host and Ringmaster is a decorated C-level sports and entertainment executive with decades of on and off the field experience. Sal is your host and Ringmaster for The Sports Circus.


Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc. is a privately owned financial services company committed to providing industry-best service, a superior portfolio of products, and unmatched expertise.

New Coastal was founded in 2018, in Costa Mesa, CA, with a simple agenda – to deliver premium CBD products that support a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Our mission is to establish a wellness brand that proves to be trustworthy and reliable for offering the best in class CBD-infused Health and Wellness products.